Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome home Molly!!

Thursday March 4th was Molly's homecoming. I have never been more ready to be home in my entire life. I kinda had this idea that my time in the hospital would be relaxing and refreshing. However, I forgot that I would be bothered every few hours with blood pressure checks and random noises. Also my mattress was approximately 3 inches thick and I think I went at least 2 nights with no sleep at all. Home was welcoming!!

Molly's take-home outfit. Despite her face in this picture, she really did like it. :)

We have a picture like this with each one of our kids. They were all born in the same hospital and all the rooms are very similar. We wonder if we would be one of the first couples to 3-peat in this hospital. It opened December '04 and David was born there February '05. Madelyn May '06 and Molly March '10. We know we were the 2nd couple to have 2 there, but not sure about the first to have 3.

Our first night at home was kind of rough. Molly didn't seem to want to sleep in the cradle at all. Luckily Me-maw was here to help out. After we got over that first night hump, she has done so much better.

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