Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And so it happened...

....just not quite how I had it pictured. Brace yourself for a good story and maybe a laugh or two.

Monday June 7th - Parenting fail
The day started out rough. Daniel had been gone since Sunday afternoon and was not due back until that night. The kids were tired and cranky from the weekend. I was trying to whip the house back into shape from days of neglect and also trying to get caught up on laundry which had gotten way behind. (enter sarcastic voice) And the kids were oh so helpful with my long list of tasks for the day.

By the end of the day I felt like I had worked my tail off, and could show nothing for it. I think all of my fatigue and frustration came from breaking up arguments, cleaning up potty accidents (which we are way too old for), trying to figure out who was whining, crying or yelling, and also trying to weed through the lies of all of the above. After about the 3rd time I had caught David in a lie, I had had enough. I had warned and threatened all day, and now it was time to receive his punishment: A good 15-20 seconds of his lips wrapped around a bar of soap.

If the day had ended right there, with him kissing his punishment, we would have been just fine.....but it didn't. It was what happened afterward that will haunt me for years. He immediately went to the bathroom spitting, sputtering and complaining about the taste. I paused to get the kid a glass for some water, and as I joined him in the bathroom, I saw it: blood pouring from where his tooth used to sit and a big gaping hole. In all the drama trying to get the soap taste out of his mouth, my son spit his first loose tooth down the drain. Horror struck my face. A pit instantly grew in my stomach and panic set in. I began to comb the carpet, the kitchen floor, the bathroom floor, even the poor kids clothes thinking maybe, just maybe that sweet little tooth was somewhere to be found. No such luck. And so Mother's guilt set in.

After I had some time to catch my breath and think a little, I called Daniel to see what we should do. He said he would fix it. We decided the tooth was gone and there was no way to get it out of the sink. But he said he would come up with some sort of replacement. I just hoped it did not require his fist and a trip to the dentist. :) I then called Heidi to share my horror story and also get another mother's perspective on the events that had unfolded. To my surprise she informed me she still had a few of Aaron's teeth stuck somewhere in a drawer. Side note: I didn't really ask why and I really don't want to know. I was just thankful that we might have a more realistic replacement.

So Daniel stopped by and picked up a tooth. On his arrival home, he went upstairs and let David tell him what happened. He then went to the garage and grabbed some tools and went into the bathroom and closed the door. After about 3 minutes of pounding and making noise, he emerged from the bathroom with tooth in hand. David is totally convinced that the tooth he put under his pillow for the Toothfairy was his and NOT his cousin Aaron's. Maybe when he's 20 we'll tell him the truth. Ironic since he was in trouble for not doing that very thing.

By the way, when he called my Mom to tell her about the Toothfairy, he told her that he lost the tooth when he was brushing his teeth and spit it down the drain. Then Daddy was able to fish it out of the sink. He has either been so traumatized by the soap he has suppressed that memory.....or he doesn't want to admit to Momo that he was in trouble. We'll go with #2.

Explaining how the Toothfairy works...

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