Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good times!!

My best friend Mary and her husband Josh from Wisconsin came to visit us the week of Memorial Day. We had the best time! We hadn't seen each other for at least 5 years. A lot has changed since then... namely 5 sweet little children. We had a lot to get caught up on!

The kids seemed to get along pretty well. Typical for preschooler's anyway. :) Here's Brooklyn, Joscelyn, David and Madelyn enjoying the back yard.

Madelyn and Joscelyn slept in the same room. They had some pretty late nights. They would sit up and talk and rock their babies. We laughed because during the daylight hours they really didn't play with each other that much. But when the lights would go out, they would be up talking and giggling like teenagers! The last night we decided to set up a video camera in the room. We sure did get a lot of laughs out of that! At one point, Madelyn spent about 5 minutes or longer slapping Josie. We learned that Josie would run and get back in bed when someone came into the room to quiet them down, but as soon as the door shut she sprang back up. And Madelyn would quickly run back into her bed before someone walked in and would have her fingers in her mouth and her pig over her face as if she had been there the entire time. That little sneak! The following day, we showed the girls the video and confronted their behavior. Oh, how fun that was!!

We kept pretty busy all week. We had a cookout, went to the pool, played at the park, and visited an indoor playground. The boys got some geocaching time in and Mary and I were able to get out one evening for a much needed girls night out! I fell in love with her sweet girls and even though it's been 5 years we picked up right where we left off! Best of friends! We have already made plans for another visit, this time up north!

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Aren't friends wonderful?