Saturday, June 12, 2010

Indianapolis Air Show

Well, Heidi and I decided to pack up 4 kids and an infant and head out to the Indianapolis Air Show. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Did I mention it was the hottest day of the year thus far at 90*? Yep! We've lost our minds.

We had a great time. We watched someone parachute in with an American flag while the National Anthem played. We saw old war birds. We watched stunt pilots loop-de-loop and barrel roll. We caught a few come within a few feet of each other as they maneuvered flawlessly in the sky.

Here's David and Madelyn watching a helicopter come in.

See the girls trying to talk to each other as the F/A-18 warms up?

But I think our favorite part was watching the Navy F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet. You want to talk about cool! We watched that beast tear down the runway at top speed and lift off right in front of us all while AC/DC's Thunderstruck played in the background. It was gone in the clouds in a matter of seconds. It returned of course and wowed us with fly overs and awesome speeds over 700 mph. By far my favorite part of the day. Now, Molly slept while we watched it warm up and taxi down the run way. She did not sleep however as it screeched by on take-off. But as long as I was holding her she was fine. Now, David could not wait for it to take off, and was OK at first, but towards the end of the demonstration he had had enough and was ready to get out of there. However, we could not have gotten far enough away to escape the sound of this aircraft, so he was out of luck.

Afterward though he was very pleased to get a picture of the jet signed by the pilot and co-pilot themselves. Aren't you just envious of these gentlemen? Not only do they have the coolest job in the world, BUT they are very popular with the boys and I imagine the ladies!
To end our day we we stopped and got an ice cream cone for the ride home. It truly was a good time an I hope to go again next year!!

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XPDR Admin said...

These two pilots were great...they spent a long time in the autograph tent and were very accommodating.