Saturday, July 3, 2010

A day with Mom

Madelyn and I decided to spend a day out all by ourselves. So on Thursday morning we dropped Molly off for some time with Aunt Heidi and headed out. We stopped by a couple of garage sales, then hit McDonald's for breakfast. Next on the agenda was the Children's Museum. Of course the Barbie exhibit was the first stop.

Madelyn at the front reception desk taking calls for Barbie.

Checking out one of many displays. Side note - isn't her hair just the cutest?!

Posing with a life-size Barbie.

And the start of our modeling career - getting read to head down the catwalk all dressed up!

We also spent some time in Egypt at a genuine Coffeehouse. Madelyn getting ready to take my order.

After a ride on the Carousel, we stopped for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant. We laughed and giggled all day long! I had such a fun time with my girl. Looking forward to many more days spent just us girls!

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