Monday, July 19, 2010


I am guilty....I am guilty of  taking the things I have and the people I love for granted.  I am guilty of being so focused on my own life and my own problems that I fail to see people who are truly hurting around me.  I am guilty of not spending more time with my children and spending too much time on things that don't really matter.  I am guilty of not investing in the friends and friendships I have around me.  I am guilty of selfishness. 
I have a friend who is beyond positive even though her husband is dying of a brain tumor.
I have another friend who's marriage is crumbling around her and she is struggling to pick up the pieces all while trying to honor God and follow His will.
I have thought to myself, "Lord, why me?"  Not why do I have an affliction....but why do I not?  Why have you chosen to bless me?  I am really not sure of the answer.  But continuous praise needs to be on my lips.  Not selfishness and self pity, but selflessness.  Lord, I pour myself out.  Please fill me up with You.
Please take a moment and watch the following video.  I have a friend who's husband just returned from a mission trip to Haiti.  The media coverage has died down but the devastation and the hurt are real.  Thank you God for the faces in this video.  Their pain mixed with joy has allowed me to gain PERSPECTIVE.

Haiti 2010 from Roger Durbin on Vimeo.

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