Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fair-est of them all

I decided to enter Molly in the Baby Contest at the Hendricks County Fair.  And of course, when I told Elisa about it, she was on board!  Why??  Well, duh!  Our kids ARE the cutest kids in the county.  In their age group anyway.  : )

The contest started at 2pm with registration staring at one.  Lucky for Elisa her age group was first.  I'd like to meet the person who schedules a Baby contest right in the middle of afternoon nap time.  But I digress.  Anyway, Gavin and Josh went up and did their best for the judges.  We, of course thought he was the cutest thing up there, but alas, he was not chosen.  The Perry's came, did, and went with the rest of the afternoon still intact.

Molly, David, Daniel and I camped out until it was our turn.  A little over an HOUR later, they called our age group up as the last one.  By this time, Molly was about 45 minutes after her bottle and had given ALL of her smiles to the nice guy sitting behind us.  Like, no joke, I take her up to the judges and she just stares at them.  No smiles, no grins, nothing.  HAHA!  With hope on our horizon that they see her shear beauty - I mean, she could be the next Gerber Baby - we ventured to the stage where they were to announce the winner.  And....drum was the fat little chunky baby next to us.  I decided then and there I was not cut out to be a pagent mom.  In all honesty, the baby that won was adorable and her Mom was nice too.  Darn!  And to be honest, how do you judge a bunch of cute babies anyway!  Not a single one of them was lacking in the looks department.  In the end, Molly and I were satisified at our first attempt and walked away proudly with with our participation ribbon.

And of course, next year.....we'll BRING IT!  So watch out cute babies!  : )

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Amy said...

Great story! You are so funny :)