Friday, November 19, 2010


For Madelyn's 1st Easter, I got her and David a stuffed animal from Target.  Madelyn got a pig, and David's was a frog.  Well, from that moment on, Madelyn's pig, fondly named "Baby" has not left her side.  Baby sleeps with her every night, has gone on vacation and traveled to several states, goes to church, ballet, the grocery store, the park, plays outside, rides on the back of her bicycle, and has been the subject of numerous pre-school show and tells.  I couldn't begin to count the number of times Baby has gotten a 'bath' in the washing machine in the last 4 years.  Because Baby is so precious, a couple years ago, I tried to find a replacement just in case something would ever happen to the precious pig, but I was unsuccessful.  But, this week however.....Success!!  And today, the new Baby arrived.  Now, the BIG question.  Do you think she'd notice the difference??

Now, let's see, Baby's on the left and the replacement is on the right.  Hmmm.... 

Baby sure has seen some Love.  She is no longer pink, she's gray now.  Her fluffy fur is gone.  She is quite a bit smaller in size than she used to be because she's been hugged so hard.  Her pink bow tie is long gone.  I'm just not quite sure if the new one would suffice. 

Daniel and I were laughing.  If the movie Toy Story is true to life,  I just wonder what these 2 are thinking right now.  Madelyn's Baby is probably flipping out because she just might be replaced with the newer, more cleaner model.  And the new one...well she might be saying, "Please, Please have mercy!!"  
In all seriousness, it is funny to have the new pig.  Daniel and I decided to keep her a secret.  You just can't replace Baby.  But maybe someday, Madelyn will have the opportunity to pass a little bit of her childhood down to her own sweet little girl.

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Heidi said...

Hello my name is Pig and this is my poor, dirty, raggedy cousin from the farm, Baby.