Sunday, November 14, 2010

We are the Pirates...who don't do anything!!!

"And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry:  The part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song."

Last week, I scored some free tickets for Veggie Tales Live from a friend.  (Thanks Amy!)   So, Madelyn, Rachel, Aaron and I headed for the show.  Notice, I did not include David in there.  Unfortunately he had a little incident at school and then lied to me about it and had to stay behind with Aunt Heidi.  I think that decision was harder on me than him in the end, but I think it was the right one.  Anyway, we had a great time.  After grabbing some McD's on the way, we headed up to Carmel to a huge church.  The girls had fun dancing and singing in the aisles to songs like "Cheeseburger", "Bellybutton", "Waterbuffalo", and "Barbara Manatee".  And Aaron....well, he suffered through it.

Madelyn and Rachel weren't quite sure what to expect.  Before the show I asked how big they thought Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber would be.  They showed me with their hands the size of a real life tomato.  HAHA!  Imagine their surprise when they took the stage.  One of Madelyn's questions, was why they had feet and didn't hop like they do on the show.  Rachel kindly explained the use of costumes on people.  HAHA!  They crack me up!

I think the best part for Aaron and I though was at the end.  Unexpectedly, Larry the Cucumber got a little tripped up and fell FLAT on his face.  After what seemed like an eternity of struggle, the vegetable picked himself up and faced the audience.  To our surprise, the black part of his eyeballs were still lying on the stage.  Madelyn's response loud enough for all around to hear: "Where are his eyeballs??!!"  Aaron and I looked at each other and just roared laughing!  Luckily they quickly shuffled him off the stage, fixed him up and he was able to join the cast for the last number.  Larry was saved!!  And we had a good laugh. 

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Amy said...

I am still laughing about Larry falling down! :) Glad you enjoyed the show.