Friday, December 10, 2010

Mom and Dad came to visit Wednesday and stayed through today.  On Thursday, I was able to get out by myself and just about finish my Christmas shopping.  Then, that night my parents took us out for dinner to celebrate my Birthday at O'Charley's.  When we got home, Daniel surprised me with a cake and I opened some gifts.  David got me a HUGE coffee mug that says : Mom, I love you more each day.  I love it and will use it every morning for my coffee.  Madelyn and Molly got me some adorable Colts earrings.  And my parents surprised me this year with a beautiful cross necklace.  Mom also gave me some towels that she found that were crocheted by my Grandmother.  We had a great visit and I cherished every second.  But the best gift of all was spending it with my family.  I love you all!!

 David wanted a picture of him and I kissing.  I thought it was so sweet and was happy to oblige.  However, lightning fast kisses only for my boy and I couldn't get the picture snapped quite fast enough.  :)

And of course, whatever David does, Madelyn has to do too.  Just love them!!

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