Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today we ventured out to visit Santa at the Children's Museum.  David was first up on Santa's lap.  He asked for a remote controlled iron man guy (Why is it your child asks for something completely different as soon as they crawl up onto Santa's lap than what he's asked for all season?  Figures.)  Madelyn requested Tea Cup Piggies and a humongous doll house (this doll house she wants is over $150 and I'm sure will not be under the tree..... ever.)  And Molly....well, she gave some smiles and clapped her hands.  And I think she asked for "Peas on earth".  She was not scared one least this year.  Of course no visit to Santa is complete without petting/grooming/riding some reindeer.

On Dasher, On Prancer, or Donnor or Blitzen??
The kids then did some ice fishing, ice skating and then went into the kitchen to bake some goodies.  Good times were had by all.  This time at our Children's Museum visit, Molly was able to have some fun too.  She didn't fuss one bit even though she missed her afternoon nap. 

Of course no visit to the Children's Museum is complete at Christmas time without some Yule Slide fun.  Today was a good day to go, because there were no lines for the slide or Santa.  I think the kiddos went down the slide at least 6 times.

Best of all, I talked Daniel into taking a couple hours and joining us for all the fun.  Truly a great day!

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