Thursday, December 30, 2010

to Sullivan to Avon

Late Christmas Eve night we headed to Daniel's parents house.  Molly had not taken an afternoon nap, so she instantly crashed in the van late that night.  When we arrived in Sullivan, we set up her bed and put her right next to the Christmas tree.  She cooed and talked and jabbered for at least an hour at the lights.  Such a happy baby when she should be sleeping.

We work up the next morning and Christmas ensued! But not before some horse play. 

Molly with her stocking loot!
Here's Madelyn and Rachel caught with some cookies right before dinner.  I told you she had more cookies this weekend!!

After dinner, Heidi and her gang and Peter and Mychele headed off for more Christmas.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing with our new toys.  The next morning we headed off to Pa-paw's church.  Then we came home to some more playing!
I think Molly enjoyed her first Christmas....don't you??
After lunch we packed up and headed back to IN.  This was the first Christmas that we weren't able to collapse the 3rd row in the van because of Molly.  Is this even safe???

And off in our sleigh we flew!!

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