Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to normal....

After 3 weeks of sickness roaming back and forth in our house, I am glad to say that everyone is feeling better!  Molly was the last to get sick.  With a double ear infection, she was oh, so fun!  She spent most of her days just crying.  She cried when I held her, she cried when I put her down, she cried in bed, she cried when she had toys, she cried when she did not have get the picture.  There were a few days she would follow me around the house just whining.  But was a different story.  Today I found this!

She emptied at least 50 sandwich bags. 

She's so proud of herself.  On a side note, have you ever tried to put sandwich bags back in the box and get them to fit?  Not as easy as it sounds.

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