Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th Festivities

We had a great 4th of July weekend.  We started out celebrating on the 3rd.  Daniel had been hired for a private party to do balloons and also to do a magic show.  Jamie and LeeAnn Berry are huge fans of Daniel's and have seen him perform several times.  They wanted him for their annual 4th of July party and invited his family as well, so the kids and I and also Daniel's Mom and Dad who were in town, tagged along.  They had several bounce houses and games for the kids, hamburgers, hot dogs, and tons of food.  We really didn't know anyone there, but were welcomed and had a great time.  After Daniel's show, we headed over to a local elementary school for a private fireworks show.  This show was better than some town fireworks!  Just amazing.  However, Molly was not impressed.

She spent the whole time watching the display frowning.  She never cried, she didn't fuss.  She just frowned.  I think she was wondering why in the world we were keeping her up past her bed time to watch things blow up in the sky.   :)
The next morning, we headed to the Brownsburg 4th of July parade.

It rained on us a little, but did not ruin the fun.  The kids got tons of candy!!  And despite being up late the night before, Molly was in a pretty good mood.

Especially when she realized candy was involved.

After the parade, Don, RuthAnn, Heidi, Dusty, Rachel and Aaron headed back to our house for a cook out.  Grill master Daniel made some awesome burgers and we sat outside in the back yard and enjoyed the day.  That night, we stayed around home and watched the fireworks in our community and played with sparklers and bottle rockets.  The girls and I also enjoyed watching the Macy's New York City fireworks display on TV.  Good times and great memories made!!

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