Saturday, July 2, 2011

A catch!

I can remember fishing with my Daddy vividly.  I think in the beginning, I was more interested in everything around me than watching that bobber for a bite.  But none the less, he continued to take me and we made some good memories.  Well, now Dad was able to carry on that tradition with David.

David caught several fish that day.  Dad said they had been there about 5 minutes when David spotted the playground across the way and wanted to go there instead.  Like mother, like son.  David was the official worm-er, which if I remember right was always my job too.  He was a little skeptical of holding one of his catches.  After some coaxing, pleading and finally a napkin protecting him from the slimy fish......

I think he's having a good time.  Don't you?

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