Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last days....

Let's see, where did I leave off?  Oh, yes.  Saturday of vacation we went out on the town for awhile.  We went to Goofy Golf for some miniature golf.  Technically the place was closed for the season, but we caught them on the one day they were open doing a charity event.  Golf was "free" with donation and basically we had the run of the place.  I really did more of chasing Molly and trying to keep up with the other kids than I did golfing.  The kids had a blast and it really was a neat place to go.

Can you find Molly in this picture?
After lunch, we decided to go out onto the pier.  Brian and the boys (friends that stayed the weekend with us) went fishing off the pier.  They caught quite a few fish including a flounder.  We also got to see some other fisherman go fishing with a net off the pier.  How awesome to see them pull that net up just full!  Molly sure thought she was big stuff on that pier.  I again spent most of my time just trying to keep up.

We topped Saturday night off with dinner out.  You just have to go to a sea food restaurant when you are this close to the ocean.  Sharky's Restaurant it was.  I enjoyed the fresh catch of the day - Trigger fish and also some crab legs.  Daniel opted for a burger.  :)

The kids with Sharky
Sunset on the way to the restaurant.
One more full day of fun in the sun.  Stay tuned.

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