Sunday, September 9, 2012

BE the blessing ~ Compassion International

Several years ago, I was introduced to Compassion International through a conference I attended.  I watched videos and listened to stories of hope.  I walked by the table and stared at sweet faces that needed just a glimpse of Christ.  At a time in our lives where bills were being reduced and corners cut to make ends meet, I said 'someday I will'.  Someday turned into weeks, months, even years.  But my heart pricked, would not rest anymore.  Almost 2 years ago, we began to sponsor 6 year old Selvina (Ina) from Indonesia. 


Over the last year correspondence from Ina began to increase.  She told us of new clothing she was able to buy with her gifts.  (My son always prayed she was able to get some 'girly clothes' and she shared she got a new Christmas dress.)  She told us about her family and new opportunities for her father to provide.  In one of her last letters, she had indicated her father had a new job opportunity and she may be moving if it was God's will.  I received a letter about a month ago, that Ina and her family have moved out of the Compassion area and she would no longer be our sponsored child.  Even though I may never fully know her story here on earth through Compassion, I do know one day I will see the story reel played out in heaven how God has worked through this little girl's life.  (BTW - we have since began sponsorship with a new child and I will introduce her to you very soon.)

$38 a month to sponsor a child like Ina.   It comes to about $1.26 a day.  Less than that morning coffee or that noon Coke.  Less than the vending machine snack or McDonald's run, and one child's story can be weaved with yours through eternity.  I can say not one time have I missed that $38.  Not one time have my bills been short.  God honors obedience. 

Back in April our church participated in Compassion Sunday.  Families stepped out in faith and have been blessed and children like Franklin from Honduras are no longer waiting for a sponsor.

Child has been waiting 192 days for a sponsor.
Franklin ~ Honduras waiting 192 days for a sponsor

Tonight my son David and i were talking about how God can use us to bless others.  I explained to him that if we were disobedient when He called us, he would probably still carry out his blessing, we just wouldn't have the joy of being a part of it.  September is Blog Month at Compassion.  I encourage you to pray and ask God if now is the time for you to step out in obedience and BE the blessing by sponsoring a child through Compassion International.

And, even if you already sponsor a child like Franklin or Ina, will you hop on over to Compassion and pray for those children by name that need sponsors.  May He not leave one story unchanged!

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