Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Letter to God

Dear Gracious Heavenly Father,
My heart is overwhelmed as I begin to fully understand 3000.  3000 children in poverty able to be reached by Compassion.  Such a small number compared to the thousands more around the globe.  Lord, I first want to thank you and praise You that You see.  I know You see each and every one of these children.  I know that You are aware of their suffering.  Not one child is hidden from your presence.  Not one is lost in their surroundings. 

But I have to admit Lord, it is so overwhelming to think of what I can do.  I'm just one.  One sponsor.  And so often I feel so guilty.  Guilty for worrying about my posh life.  Not one time have I not been able to put food on the table for my children.  Not one time have they gone without gobs of clothing.  Or medicine.  I not only have clean running water out of my tap but bottles in my fridge.  Fresh vegetables at my fingertips.  Restaurants on every corner.  Why them Lord, and not me?  Why me and not them?  Lord, I may never know this side of heaven why I've been so blessed and others have to live with so little.  But I pray Lord, that You can multiply the humble gift I give, and make a difference for that one.  I pray for little Gloria that You will become so real to her, that she can't do anything but fully rely on You.  I pray that You will provide for her physical needs first, but most importantly that she will accept You as her Lord and Savior.  I pray for her family as well Lord.  Allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate each and every heart in that home. 

I ask Lord, that You will use Gloria and her family to make a difference in our home.  I pray that You will help me to instill a heart of selflessness and giving in my children.  That they will learn to see a need and meet it, if they are able.  I also ask that as we pray for Gloria, You will allow our faith to be strengthened in You as we learn of answered prayers.  Allow our sponsorship to not just BE, but to make a difference; in our lives and most importantly in Gloria's. 

My gracious Heavenly Father, You have blessed me beyond measure.  I ask that You use me now to bless others.  I ask that that if there is anyone reading these humble words that feels compelled to sponsor a child, that they will not delay in answering Your call.  Allow one more to make difference, for one more. 

I thank You for organizations like Compassion that are the hands and feet making a difference for Your Kingdom.  I pray for those on the front lines of these sponsorships that You will continue to work through them.  I pray that You will keep them healthy and safe.  And I pray that hearts will be open to their message and lives would be changed.  I pray for wisdom and boldness; strength and endurance as they minister and meet the needs of these precious people. 

Lord, I know that You have a plan.  I know You are in control of all things.  And I know that not one is left unseen.  Thank You for Who You are.  And thank You for allowing me to be a part of Your work.  May You be glorified above all.
In Jesus Name,

(If you want to sponsor a child, through Compassion International, please click here.)  May God bless you.

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