Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 Days of Giving ~ Day 4

I have been so encouraged over the last couple days.  My eyes have been opened to see so many opportunities.  When you step back and allow God to guide, He will use you.  Yesterday, Molly and I headed to the grocery store.  We met a woman named Joyce.  She's a spunky, sweet, lonely 84-year-old widow who just needed some conversation. 

We met first in the laundry aisle and chatted about price and brands.  But in the dairy section, she began to share her heart for her daughter.  Relationship has been strained and is non-existent.  Holidays are difficult because she is not included in her daughter's festivities.  Not even a phone call.  How my heart began to just break for her.  I committed to pray for Joyce and her daughter.  How this sweet woman just needed connection.

When we think of gifts, how often do we think monetary?  A pretty package, a beautiful bow.  But God's gifts to us go beyond material.  He sacrifices His time to hear our prayers.  He serves us with His friendship and also provides people and connection in our time here on earth.  He asks us to practice hospitality in Romans 12:13.  His giving transcends any boundary the world tries to establish.

I ask that you join me in prayer for Joyce this Christmas season.  May our prayers be a gift of peace and love beyond her imagination.  And the next time you're in the laundry aisle, strike up some conversation.  You just might be the gift someone else needs.

I'd like to know... what is a gift you have given that was received with joy and deep appreciation?  What effect did that have on you?  Leave your answers in the comment section below.  I may use your story coming up as we continue to discover what giving really means.  #itsaboutgiving

12 Days of Giving

16.  Allow someone to go in front of you in the check-out line.  Even if they have more groceries than you.

17.  Did you know that most newspaper carriers have to buy their own rubber bands?  Buy a bag of rubber bands for your carrier or recycle the ones you receive.

18.   Have flowers delivered to a senior.

19.  Purchase a bottle of water and give it to your check out person at the store.  Tell them you appreciate their service and wanted to do something nice for their break time.

20.  Make and hand out 'help coupons' to friends and family.  Offer services like cleaning, window washing, grocery shopping, babysitting... you get the idea.

Happy Giving!

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  
~Charles Dickens

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katina Vaselopulos said...

Sending my gradchildren carolling to aged neighbors with food or sweets!

The joy both,the children and the elderly experience is undiscribable!