Monday, December 3, 2012

12 Days of Givng ~ Day 3

Happy Monday!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  I know I did.  The weather here is beautiful and very mild for the first week in December.  Lovely weather for a much needed night out.

Indianapolis is really a beautiful city.  If you've never visited, I do recommend it.  At Christmas, they have a gorgeous light display downtown at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, otherwise known as "The Circle".  A very good friend and I headed downtown to check out the sights and sounds.  We enjoyed some before-dinner dessert of hot chocolate at South Bend Chocolate Company.

As Mom's sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves, is some time away.  Simple things, like adult conversation.  A meal that doesn't involve peanut butter and jelly or a sippy cup.  These moments become cherished.  It's a time to recharge and refresh.  I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything.  But I'm also more.  I'm a daughter.  A sister.  A friend.  A writer.  A soon to be school bus driver.  Stepping away for just a bit helps us to remember who we are.  Not just what we do. 

And that little voice... 'Mother's Guilt'?  That little voice needs to step away from my hot chocolate.  Because I need this!  And so do you.  So give yourself the gift of a night out.  And enjoy it!

12 Days of Giving

11.  Make some scarves and hats.  (or buy, if like me, you should have paid better attention to your grandmother's crochet lessons)  Go and hand them out.

12.  Those tie fleece blankets?  Make some for the local neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).   And before tying the last few ties... cut out a fleece heart to stick inside.

13.  Go to the local sledding hill and pass out some hot chocolate.  A nice day?  Take some popsicles to the park.

14.  Go the grocery store and help someone load groceries into their car.

15.  Leave a plate of cookies or a cupcake in the mailbox for your mail person with a note of thanks.

Happy Giving!

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water -it will make ripples throughout the entire pond...” 
~Jessy and Bryan Matteo 

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