Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurry up and wait!

Well, my parents arrived Thursday. The kids were ecstatic! We've had a good time. I've been so busy I didn't have time to blog AND I failed to get out the camera the whole time they were here, so pics.

On Thursday night David was still favoring his leg and limping so I decided Friday morning we would go in to see the Dr. When I called Friday they didn't have any openings so they referred us to a primary care clinic near Riley. The nurse gave me what seemed like good directions on how to get to it and David and I headed off. Well, I got there and drove around about 10 minutes or so looking for this building. Her directions were not as good as I thought. I then spent about another 30 minutes and talked to 5 different people and was directed everywhere but to the correct place. I finally called Daniel on the phone - in a rage by the way - and had him look it up on the Internet. We finally arrive at the correct parking garage and headed in. We stopped at the front desk and were referred up to the 4th floor. I waited in line for about 5 minutes to check in at the desk and when I get up there, they said I should be on the 2nd floor. I go down and check us in and wait another 15 minutes to clear insurance info. We finally get into our exam room and David starts jumping around. I'm sorry, maybe you didn't catch that.....JUMPING not LIMPING on his bad leg. 40 minutes later when the Dr. came in and started asking her questions - the more I talked, the more she looked at me like I was crazy - as my son proceeded to jump up and down and run across the room. She said she felt no knot in his leg, just a muscle grouping and sent us home within 5 minutes. If I hadn't been in public, I might have just wrung my son's neck.

I do thank God for answered prayers. That morning before breakfast Mom and Madelyn prayed for David's leg. When I got home I asked Mom, "Couldn't you and Madelyn have maybe prayed for David's leg last night before supper instead?" We got a good laugh.

Friday afternoon Daniel and my Mom headed out to go shopping for his birthday. He was able to get some good performance clothes for him to do his magic in. He even got a pair of suspenders. Boy, does he look nice. They both had a good time. They came home and we ate supper, and Daniel asked me to go to a movie. We were able to get out for the first time by ourselves in a long time and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. I loved it! I'm anxious to rent the old ones now because it's been so long since I've seen them. They were some of my favorites though.

Well, Saturday is here and my parents left this afternoon. Daniel's off to a show, the kids are napping and I'm thinking about watching a movie. I've really been thinking the last few days about how good God is. I can't imagine going through this life without the promises and security of my salvation and my relationship with Him. I leave you with a poem I wrote to My Lord.

I lift my eyes to You Lord, I lift my eyes to You.
I look to You alone that You will see me through.

I lift my prayers to You Lord, I lift my prayers to You.
I wait to hear Your Word to see what I should do.

I lift my voice to You Lord, I lift my voice to You.
I hope you hear my song, how I love to worship You.

I lift my hands to You Lord, I lift my hands to You.
I give You all I have, humbled by all You do.

Let's give some praise to our God my friends. This is who God is to me. Who is God to you?

My Jesus. My Voice. My Bridegroom. My Rock. My Master. My Fortress. My Love. My Savior. My Wings. My Future. My Potter. My Judge. My Father. My All. My Counselor. My Listener. My Friend. My Everything. My Hope. My Mender. My Confidant. My Restorer. My Provider. My Guide. My Peace. My Banner. My Strength. My Healer. My Song. My God.

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