Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A fence raising....

Well, the fence is completed. It took a lot of work but is so nice! We rented a two-man auger to dig our post holes. However, when I tried to get a picture, the camera died and it needed to be charged. By the time the camera was ready, the auger was gone. My Dad and Daniel dug 3 holes, then our neighbor helped Daniel with the rest. (My Dad was thankful for that one.) If you're wondering what an auger is and why Dad was so relieved, head on over to the Schmidt Spot. They rented one too. Anyway, as promised, pictures from our work day!

Madelyn ready to get to work.

Boys sure do love to play in the dirt....

David decided we couldn't have holes in the yard, so he was trying to fill them up. Of course, Daddy had to dig them out again later. HA!

Boys also like to play with the hose...

Helping Pa-paw mix the cement.

After digging holes and setting posts, it was finally panel time. This was the fastest part of the day!!

Now all that work could not have been done without the #1 straw boss... or is it boss hog?! =]

Thank you to my Mom and Dad (Brenda and Bill) and Daniel's Dad (Don) for all the hard work! We love the fence!

Stay tuned for some pictures of the completed project. Also for some white sandy beach?


Heidi said...

I think Momo (is that how you spell that?) has the right idea! :)

Heather said...

Wow, it's like reading my own post!:)