Sunday, September 21, 2008

Play time

The kids have been sick the last few days and we hadn't been out of the house since Thursday. So this evening, we all piled in the van and headed out. Daniel was keeping things a secret. We went through McD's and got supper including ice cream and then we went to the Avon Town Center park. They have a playground, a nice lake/pond and picnic areas. It was real nice. We saw a turtle and the kids got to see someone catch a fish. Then it was time for some play ground fun.

The 'kids' getting ready to race down the slide.

Daniel was the big winner.

Then it was my turn to race.

Swing time!

Looks like it's time to head back. We stopped by the train yard and watched some trains and then we went into the Dollar Store for a browse around. We had a great time and it was good to get out of the house. Thank you Daniel for taking us out!


Sarah said...

I love that picture of Madalyn!

Heather P said...

That park is one of our faves and where Paul hid a great Geocach!