Monday, May 4, 2009

This girl cracks me up!!!

Silly Madelyn with her "Baby" on her head.

Madelyn makes me laugh every day. She has a silly side and we've decided that she's going to be a performer just like her Daddy. I just love it! I'm thinking stand-up comedian. Friday morning she was in extra rare form. I asked her to go get a kleenex and blow her nose. She said, "no, you go get it." I didn't like that too well. I said "Madelyn, no, I asked you to go get it now just go get a kleenex please!". She turned and very matter of fact said: "No Mom, you go get it.....say Yes Princess!" Where does she come up with this stuff!?

Later on in the day we had a new neighbor friend come over to play. Here's Madelyn and Laney dancing in their Princess outfits.

Later that evening I arrived home at 6:30pm after running an errand and "Princess" was already asleep.

It must be tough work being a "Princess"!

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