Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Florida or Bust

We took a bit of an extended fall break for a much needed, long-anticipated family vacation.  Wednesday after picking the kids up for school we headed to Florida.  Panama City Beach to be exact.  We drove until Athens, Alabama before getting a hotel and bedding down for the night. 

Glad to be out of the car!!

Then up and at 'em early the next morning.  We did a little more site seeing on Thursday.  We ate lunch at a good 'ol hometown place called "It Don't Matter" Family Restaurant.  It was located in a beautiful part of Alabama off of a two lane highway. 

As we had entered into Alabama, we began to see lots of cotton fields ripe for harvest.  What a beautiful landscape for the fall!!

The kids picking some cotton.

"I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest."  John 4:35

We also saw a helicopter training field and about 10-15 helicopters.  Some were flying in and out of the field, some were hovering.  What an amazing site!  Also on our drive, we saw a real-life Tabernacle.  Unfortunately, they were not giving tours at the time, but we were able to see the outside tent and also the altar.  Very neat.  Finally, near evening we made it to the beach. 

The view from our 14th floor condo.
The kitchen and dining room from the balcony.
After getting our things in, we headed down to the beach to dip our toes in the water and enjoy our first sunset.

Mesmerized by the beauty.

Ready to play in the sand.
A little unsure, but sticking her toes in for the first time...

It's been a long time since these toes have been in the warm sand.  I can tell you they are much anticipating the next few days of rest and relaxation!!

After sunset, we ordered some pizza for delivery and got some rest.  A big day planned tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more vacation escapades!!

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