Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Wow, what a whirlwind the last 3 weeks have been!  Between sickness, spring break, a surprise birthday party, a wedding and Easter, we have been busy!  I'll do my best to catch you up on our spring break in Illinois.

My big sister turned the "big five-oh" on Easter Sunday.  Her hubby planned a surprise birthday party the weekend before.  She was totally clueless and we had so much fun!  After she arrived, Jensen's showed up with yet another surprise...a new recliner!  Laughter and tears was all she could muster!  Good times!

The kids on Palm Sunday
We decided to head to the Children's Museum of Illinois with Catherine, Hunter and Ryleigh.  I was pretty impressed with this Children's Museum.  It was lots of fun.  Of course, when we pulled up, my kids commented how small it was.  They are used to the monstrosity in Indy, but once inside, we had a good time anyway.

I did manage a picture of Ryleigh.  She did a lot of smiling and hanging out while we were there.  She is the best little girl!  So proud of my niece and her beautiful children.  On a side note, all my pictures of Hunter are blurry.  We couldn't get the little guy to hold still long enough! 

Love her!  How can you not smile at this?

 We did have a little mishap that warranted a trip to the E.R.  One night before bed, Madelyn and Molly were playing and running through the house.  Molly fell and hit her chin on the pull-out couch in the back bedroom.  Some glue, Elmo stickers, a color book and some suckers later, we were on our way home.  I was so proud of how well she did.  She was a little reluctant but had no tears and even told the doctor 'thank you' after she was done. 

Molly being brave!
Easter Sunday, we went to church then had dinner with my parents and my sister and her family.  Then after, we did an Easter egg hunt!

Dressed in our Easter best!

The kids also went train hunting with Papa several times, had fun watching the momma and baby bunnies in the back yard, played with the neighbor kids and made numerous trips to the park.  Thank you Mom and Dad for letting us come hang with you for Spring Break!  It was nice to get away and relax!

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